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Little Brother OTP Community {Roy/Al}'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Little Brother OTP Community {Roy/Al}

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Sunday, February 26th { 2017 } @ 1:19 am

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Request [
Saturday, February 16th { 2008 } @ 10:03 am

[ mood | hopeful ]

I hope this kind of post is allowed...

I have been looking around for RoyAl doujinshis, and I can't seem to find many. I have one that I bought at a convention. I don't know the name(my Japanese is extremely limited), but I do know there's a seperate story in it called "Snow" and that the artist is croix rouge. That's the only one.

Does anybody know where I can find/download RoyAl doujinshis? Preferably scanslated ones, but raw will be fine.

Please help! I love this pairing 

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I guess this falls under advertisement.. [
Tuesday, February 5th { 2008 } @ 5:26 pm

[ mood | anxious ]

Hi! I've only recently joined, and though this place looks a little dead at the moment, this is the best place to ask. And hopefully, when I get some time, I can contribute here.

I play Al (soul_elric) over at dusk_academy, and I'd love it if theres someone who'd be willing to take up Roy to be with him. The basis of the RP means that you can either have Roy as a student at the academy, meaning the loss of the usual age gap between the two, or you could have him as a teacher, meaning you get the age gap, and the hawt student/teacher relationship. It's totally up to you, I'm happy with either, personally.

I hope that this perks someone's interest! If you want to apply, head on over here to apply or to here to reserve him.

Mods, if this is bad, feel free to delete or tell me how to make it right.

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First post. 0_0 [
Tuesday, July 3rd { 2007 } @ 2:07 am

[ mood | anxious ]

Title: Strays (comic version)
Pairing: ROYxAL
Rating: PG-13
Warning: my art, nekkid Roy xD
Author: caitlinneko & axmxp
Note: Strays by CaitlinNeko. Some parts were changed, obviously, and with her permission!

Err- enjoy?
x-posted to: fma_yaoi + lilbrotherotp
(Sorry for spamming your friends list D:)


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Fic: Roy x Al, Ed x Alfons, "The Talk"--Angel!Verse [
Monday, June 18th { 2007 } @ 10:31 am

[ mood | amused ]

Title: The Talk
Pairing: Roy x Al, Ed x Angel!Alfons
Genre: Humor
Rating: PG-13 at the very worst.
Note: Takes place in my Angel!Verse (if you don't know what the angel!verse is, track down and read my fic "The Day Alfons Lost His Wings"...it takes place in the same timeline...though this fic can easily be read and enjoyed on its own). Was spawned from a conversation with  ssjkawaiitenshiover msn.
Summary: It was hard to believe that the only reason Alphonse and Edward were back home was because of the young man (who had proven himself to be an ANGEL of all things) sitting in front of him…but when it came to Al, Alfons Heiderich was no Angel. 

Note 2: Crossposted to  jen_fics  fma_yaoi and lilbrotherotp

Totally not a fake cut XD
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